Why Selecting our Voting Booths?

By | April 9, 2014

Cheap and Safe Voting Booths

Election Equipment Asia is a very different kind of election partner. We are a full service supplier that understands how critical it is for you to have election equipment which is really purpose made to comply with every single countries’ election requirements.

To help achieve this goal we have just released a new type of budget Election Voting Booth made of High Quality Cardboard. These Election Voting Booths have been specially designed as a cheap, economical, transportable voting booth that can be used anywhere.

Our Election Voting Booths are practical, highly durable, and offer maximum security throughout the Voting Process.

Our Voting Booths have been specially designed for very easy assembly: Polling Station Officers will spend only 5 minutes to put up the booths by unfolding the two cardboard sections and assembling together. Once assembled they are rigid and robust.

At present, we are offering two Models of Election Voting Booths: a single person voting booth and a voting booth for four people.

Our clients’ interests, and those of the citizens they serve, always come first, and we never stop working until our partners are successful. It is this philosophy that has helped us grow our customer base from a single customer to over 400 clients worldwide, and it has ensured that every client gets exactly what they require, at the time they require it.

For any questions or inquiries about our products, please visit our Website on: www.electionequipment.asia