Elections in Egypt: 2015 House of Representatives Elections

On October 17, 2015, Egyptian citizens will head to the polls to elect members of the House of Representatives. The elections represent the final milestone of a transitional roadmap following the removal of former President Mohamed Morsi from office in July 2013.

Egypt’s electoral system is comprised of two majoritarian components: the first consists of individual candidates competing for seats, while the second component consists of electoral lists competing for seats. Both political party members and independents can run as individual candidates or on electoral lists. Out of the 568 seats, 448 seats will be elected through individual candidates competing in majoritarian elections in single and multi-member districts. The remaining 120 seats will be elected through electoral lists competing for seats in majoritarian winner-takes-all elections in four electoral districts.

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Elections in Guinea: 2015 Presidential Elections

On October 11, citizens of Guinea will head to the polls to vote in their country’s second democratic presidential election. Guinea’s Constitutional Court has announced that eight candidates will vie for the presidency. In the country’s first democratic presidential election in 2010, 24 candidates competed.

Among the eight candidates, which include incumbent President Alpha Conde, there is a mixture of veterans of the political scene and several first-time candidates. Campaigning began on September 10 and will finish two days before the vote on October 9.

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