Learn More About Ballot Boxes

A large variety of ballot boxes are used in the world of Elections. Their shape, material, transparency or opacity, security devices, colors…etc. will depend on the culture, legal requirements and budget of every nation. Each government has the responsibility to equip its elections with proper voting material in order to conduct the election process openly. In order to avoid any suspicion regarding the election process, most nations will focus their attention on the durability, transparency and the security of their Ballot Boxes.

For instance, some Western European countries such as France require totally clear transparent ballot boxes. These ballot boxes are made from acrylic or polycarbonate and will allow voters and supervisors to easily see the ballots inside the box. This type of clear transparent ballot box is usually more costly than the normal range of ballot boxes. They are essentially unbreakable if they are made of polycarbonate, and security is ensured by supplying them with locking equipment and/or tamper evident seals.

They are also often supplied with a counting mechanism so that the number of ballots is recorded automatically. More affordable ballot boxes are made of standard plastic like PP and PE. This type of ballot box is commonly used throughout the world. While boxes made from these plastics cannot be totally transparent, varying degrees of transparency can be achieved. These ballot boxes are unbreakable and stackable, so they are very convenient to transport. Finally, increasingly more countries are using a third type of ballot box made of transparent soft plastic PVC. Those ballot boxes look like transparent square bags and are very practical to hand carry.

They are called foldable ballot boxes or collapsible ballot boxes because they are supplied flat packed and they are simply and easily assembled upon arrival at the polling stations. Although those Ballot boxes do not have long-term durability and will have to be renewed for each new election, they still remain very popular because they are reasonably robust, fully secure, convenient and cheap to transport.

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