Election Equipment Asia is specialized in manufacturing Ballot Boxes and also a large range of other Election Materials to supply elections anywhere around the world!

Election Equipment Asia is more than a simple Election Equipment Manufacturer. We are your partner and we will follow our client’s request from A to Z, from the design of the Ballot Boxes to the delivery of all the election materials and supplies. We are always available to provide you recommendations, different options and solutions according to your special request. Our main objective is to manufacture high quality Ballot Boxes and Elections Equipment with the best delivery time and help you to perform all along the election process.
To achieve this goal our China Election Equipment Factory has just released a new type of Election Ballot Boxes made of clear plastic which will allow more safety and transparency in order to guarantee a great success during the Election’s process.
Our Election Ballot Boxes are really light weight, unbreakable and easy to assemble. They are composed of two parts: The clear plastic base to receive the Ballots and the Lid with a moving trap equipped of an automatic closing system for more safety and control. In addition to add, Temper Evident Seals with numbering can be added all around our Ballot Boxes for more security and control.
Anybody will understand that a ballot box is more than simply an empty square box that comes with a slot for inserting papers. A ballot box is the container of the voice of the people; a vessel that holds the requirements of the voting population and sometimes its hope for a change. Therefore, its integrity and durability must be placed in the highest level, to ensure that nothing will go wrong. After all, even a single ballot box can change the course of an entire country. As a professional company that aims to promote fair and undisputed election results, our ballot boxes are made from top quality materials and fully tested before shipment. Our China Factory is always challenging new process in order to enhance the quality of our Ballot Boxes such as the material used to manufacture it. The full manufacturing process of our Ballot boxes in made in China and almost 100% automate in order to offer high quality products to our customers. Also, our ballot boxes are designed with various safeguards that ensure full security to negate tampering and other forms of interference. We have a full range of types and sizes of ballot box, and our production capacity is sufficient to meet any reasonable shipping deadline – sometimes even unreasonable ones.
If you still doubt of the quality of our products, please give us a try and ask for samples. We will be very pleased to send you our latest model of Ballot Box and get your feedback.
For any additional information regarding our Ballot Boxes, Voting Booths, Polling Booths, Election Kits, Election Stationeries, Tamper Evident Seals… etc. or inquiries about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.