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What Are Cardboard Voting Booths?

When you think of a voting booth, what image comes to mind? You probably see a large booth made of sturdy materials with a sliding curtain. The voter goes inside and pulls the curtain, and they’re shut off completely from the outside world, ready to cast their vote in total privacy. As a polling place employee, there’s probably another image that comes to mind – You and your coworkers lugging… Read More »

Why We Use the Secret Ballot?

When it comes to voting, privacy is the utmost concern. Voting booths are designed to keep other voters from seeing you cast your ballot, whether the election is on a national or local scale. Why is voter privacy such a big deal? The Secret Ballot The way we vote is what’s called the ‘secret ballot.’ It sounds like some grand conspiracy but it’s actually something simpler and more mundane. It… Read More »

Are Cardboard Voting Booths Right for Your Polling Place?

If you’ve got an election coming up, choosing voting booths is one of your biggest decisions. Once you start shopping around, you’ll see that you’ve got lots of choices. You can opt for traditional curtained voting booths or more economical cardboard voting booths. Traditional voting booths are nice-looking, steady and fully secure. People are used to seeing them at their local polling place. However, they’re also expensive, heavy, and bulky.… Read More »